Energy Storage and Baseball

Dodgers v. Rockies

I’ve been studying up on energy storage technologies and issues this week, preparing to write a story about the intersection of storage and solar for PV Magazine.

Energy storage is so interesting partly because so many technologies are moving out of the labs and into demonstration projects and so many in the renewable energy field have something to say about storage. Mostly, they wonder which technologies will generate the most profit (or most affordable for consumers, depending on your point of view). It’s not a simple question and, as I’ve discovered, involves diving into the world of independent grid operators and energy regulations. I suppose I don’t have to learn about this part of the equation and can just stick with explaining various technologies and say something general like oh yeah storage is so important because solar is intermittent and blah blah blah. But I’d miss out on a big piece of puzzle.

I also am beginning to learn about solar electric system sellers looking for ways to add storage to their offerings. You can sell storage devices and charge fees to monitor their performances (in addition to monitoring the performance of solar panels). Storage will allow large businesses and maybe even homeowners to store power when rates are low and feed it to the grid when the rates are high. If this line of thinking proves to be true – and you stretch the concept a bit – then one day we can all be our own power producers, trading electricity on an open market.

I’m still learning about this subject. I took the opportunity to apply what I know so far in this story for Earth2tech.

There isn’t a connection between storage and baseball, as my headline suggests. I just want to write about baseball because I saw the Dodgers v. the Rockies last night in Los Angeles and I cheered until my throat hurt. Dodgers lost. It was an end-of-a-busy-week treat for myself. I loaded up on nachos and beer because eating fatty food is part of the tradition of watching baseball.

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  1. You are right about solar energy. We haven’t even begun to conceive of the possibilities!!

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