The “Why I’m Doing This” Post

During my near three-month trip through Asia earlier this year (see photo slide below), I met many American and European travelers who wondered how I got a job writing about renewable energy. They posed the question in a tone that I would use when I want to know how someone managed to land a great assignment. Renewable energy is an emerging field that promises great opportunities for job seekers and a switch to sustainable sources of electricity and fuels. I have always been fond of writing about environmental issues, and one of my former jobs as a newspaper reporter in Northern California let me write about many dramas over timber harvesting, wine-grape growing, water rights and land conservation.

So much private and government money has been invested in a wide range of greentech technology development and manufacturing in recent years. But it’s too early to say whether these investments will change our lives – will they prompt us to conserve more energy, use cleaner sources of electricity and cut our reliance on fossil fuels for decades or hundreds of years? I feel lucky to be able to witness and chronicle this movement.

This blog will allow me to do more of that. As a freelance writer, I get to tackle technical subjects for monthly PV Magazine, feature stories for and consumer-friendly articles for the DailyFinance, part of AOL. But the blog will not be used only to highlight my stories in these publications. You will find fresh content – tidbits from interviews that aren’t a good fit for a freelance piece, observations at conferences and other industry events and personalities that shape various greentech sectors.

I’ll hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts as much as I will writing them.

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